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It’s not like Frictional to make a game that’s REALLY DARK.

That’s just a Brave New World gag in the title, I’m not suggesting SOMA has important things to say about poverty or anything. It does have some things to say (or show, anyway) about a curious undersea structure in which Frictional’s game will no doubt be taking place.

The Amnesia creators can probably be relied upon to build an unsettling space for players to move around in, and this self-described “sci-fi horror” title has selected the bottom of the ocean for its locale. Not a bad choice, considering how eerie bits of BioShock were.

That ocean building is PATHOS-2, a remote research facility where everything is lovely and the staff are well-paid. Ha ha … no, in actual fact machines have taken on human traits and alien constructions have started to turn the world around PATHOS-2’s employees into a nightmare. Standard operating procedure for Frictional, then.

SOMA is due in 2015.

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