Frogster Celebrates One Million NA Users

Frogster, the company behind the free to play MMO, Runes of Magic, has announced in excess of one million users in North America alone since the launch of its first game in the territory last year.

Runes of Magic, which surprised fans with its high quality and sheer volume of content, has continued to attract gamers looking for a cheaper alternative to the monthly fees that many MMOs require.

“We started Frogster America in the middle of a very poor economic climate and have been successful, which is a testament to the great team we have and the fun title we are operating,” said Lars Koschin, CEO Frogster America. “Over the past year we have continually refined our processes and seized opportunities such as launching the first North American Spanish-language server for a free-to-play online game, all in preparation for adding more games to our portfolio in 2010.”

The next instalment in the RoM series, Chapter III, is due out in May.

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