Frogster has released the first details about its latest free-to-play MMO, Eligium: The Chosen One.
Now, I read the publicity sentence “Eligium offers far more than dungeons and group instances seething with hostile monsters” with a cynical eye. But then I reached the features list which mentioned that players will be able to take the role of Panda Fighters (as in Kung Fu Panda, not dudes who fight pandas for a living).
That qualifies as being slightly unusual.
The rest of the features list is a bit less thrilling (well obviously, after the panda bombshell) but states that there’ll be a “high degree of [character] customisation”, a “mount-hatching system and pets that aid players”, plus the expected inclusion of Instances, Player vs Player modes and Guilds.
Eligium: The Chosen One is heading for an early 2012 release. Frogster will be issuing more details at GamesCom.
If you fancy signing up for beta testing (which will begin in 2011), head over to the Eligium site and pop your name on the list.


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