Following up on leaked information from Bandai Namco’s website earlier this week, a new CG trailer for From Software’s upcoming Elden Ring action RPG was released at Xbox’s E3 2019 conference.

    The trailer introduces us to a variety of warriors, while a voice-over describes the “Elden Ring,” an artifact that holds the world together. As one might expect in a From Software game, not all is well. The Elden Ring has been broken, bringing grim portents of apocalypse in the burning sky.

    No information about the game’s release date was made available.

    Elden Ring Trailer

    The crimson skies of the apocalypse return.

    Kyle Thompson
    A long-time PC gamer, and notorious mecha fan. I design tabletop RPGs between sessions of Brigador and sometimes teach game design.Full disclosure: I backed Indivisible and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

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