The Frontier Expo opens its doors tomorrow (7 October) in Olympic Park, London. Tickets are sold out, so the only way you’re going to follow what’s going on in there is through Frontier’s own Twitch or YouTube channels.

A broadcasting schedule for the event confirms that those channels will be streaming parts of the show live. It also shows that the company will be discussing what’s coming up for its games. ‘Special Content Reveals’ will begin at 5pm (BST) on 7 October.

Elite Dangerous will get a section called ‘The Year Ahead’, in which “Senior Community Manager Edward talks to Elite Dangerous’ Lead Designer Sandro Sammarco, Game Director Laurence Oldham, and Art Director Chris Gregory.” The latest Elite newsletter states that this talk will be going “beyond” the current 2.4 update and, as the topic suggests, looking at things upcoming in the rest of 2017. Update 7 Oct: Here’s what was said about Elite.

Planet Coaster meanwhile will be getting an ‘Anniversary Update Reveal’: “Senior Community Manager Edward is joined by Planet Coaster’s Lead Programmer Andrew Chappell, Lead Artist Sam Denney, and Art Director John Laws to talk about the upcoming Anniversary Update”.

Finally, the unreleased Jurassic World Evolution section will deal with a ‘Special Content Reveal’. This game was only just announced earlier in the year, so a promised “first ever look” hopefully refers to actual gameplay. Update 7 Oct: Here’s what was said (and shown) about JWE.

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