Frost Caves can now be tested in Valheim, bringing new enemies, crafting materials, and an armor set

Valheim Frost Caves Feature

Patch 0.207.15 of Valheim‘s Public test realm has introduced new content. Players can try their luck in the Frost Caves, a new dungeon in Valheim. Its icy depths adds a variety of enemies, crafting materials, an armor set, a weapon, build pieces, and a new event. Frost Caves will only generate in previously unexplored territory.

The Frost Caves spawn in the Mountain biome, which requires cold protection to explore without taking damage. You can warm up before heading into its passages by donning the appropriate cold-weather clothing or by drinking Frost Resistance Mead. However, the caves themselves do not require protection, so it may be worth switching to stronger armor once there.


Inside the Frost Caves, players will find three enemies new to Valheim: bats, cultists, and Ulvs. Bats are self-explanatory, but the Cultists are magic-wielding monsters that deal huge damage. As for the Ulvs, they are wolf-like creatures often encountered in large packs. The drops from these enemies can be used to create Fenris armor, a new set that provides frost resistance, fire resistance, a movement speed buff, and +15 Unarmed.

At the end of the dungeon, the Fenris Claws can be found. These alongside Fenris Hair and Silver can be turned into the Flesh Rippers, a pair of wolf-inspired metal claws. These are classified as two-handed weapons.

Valheimk Frost Caves Condensed Patch Notes

Fixes and improvements

Alongside the Frost Caves, developer Iron Gate AB has also used this patch as an opportunity to implement various fixes into Valheim. Players can now pause the game freely when playing solo. Additionally, this patch sees full controller support integrated and gamepad text input via Steam’s Big Picture Mode.

Those struggling with performance can take advantage of the new framerate limiter. Even if that doesn’t affect you, the improvements to the user interface will be a welcome change. Finally, optimizations have been made to prepare Valheim for the Steam Deck’s launch on February 25.

Valheim took the world by storm when it launched a year ago, leading the game to earn a nomination for Best Debut by the Game Developers Choice Awards.

Valheim Frost Caves

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