DOTA 2 frostivus

In fear of hearing the words “Gief¬†Frostivus”, Valve are making damn sure that the DOTA 2¬†Frostivus¬†seasonal content will be released after it was cancelled last year.

The longest night of the year is a time for weaving by the hearth! Collect bright winter berries and sprigs of fir, and twist them together into mementos for family and friends. Doze off to the smell of simmering rumbutter, assured that the spirits of Frostivus Eve are conspiring to grant your wildest dreams of peace and friendship!

The traditional Frostivus truce is in effect. Radiant and Dire may gather to play games and exchange gifts. Find the Frostivus Wish-List of some worthy friend or prickly foe, and play the role of Furtive Frostus, gifting them with something they didn’t know they wanted.

Perhaps Antimage would like a Beginner’s Box o’ Magic! How about an electric blanket to warm the knees of Ancient Apparition? Maybe Lifestealer would like a new master! However you choose to celebrate the season, the byword is relaxation. There is nothing more to worry about, nothing you need to do. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

It all sounds so loving but we all know you’ll be screaming down that headset at your team. I do wonder about the wisdom of adding “Nothing can possibly go wrong” at the end of that sentence. That’s a deathwish surely?

When is Frostivus actually coming? No idea at the moment but we think it could be around 21 December which is the winter solstice.

I’ll make sure Tim pokes a news item up on this when we have more as he’s in the throes of writing the next part of his Beginners’ Guide to DOTA 2.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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