This War of Mine developers 11 bit studios have announced Frostpunk, a chilly-looking title scheduled for release in 2017. There isn’t a huge amount of specific detail to accompany this reveal, but it does have a teaser trailer and the announcement blurb offers one or two clues.

Set in a world of permanent frost, civilisation has decided that steam-based technology is the best prospect for overcoming the cold. See, all those people wearing gear-adorned goggles at the Ren-faire were right the whole time. Unfortunately, water vapour alone doesn’t seem to be enough to keep society together.

“What is culture when morality stands in the way of existence? Think about how survival may, in the end, leave us different beings,” the Frostpunk site says. That doesn’t give away much about game mechanics, but does suggest it’s looking to tackle somewhat similar philosophical ground to This War of Mine.

Here’s the trailer, narrated with a cadence eerily similar to the one Chris Morris used to use on Jam and parts of Brass Eye.


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