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Frostpunk: On The Edge, the final expansion of the survival city-builder, is releasing August 20. With a new trailer, 11bit studios revealed some new details of the setting and the mission. Of course, we already knew the new scenario would take place after the main story, and that it’s about an expedition that set out from New London. But the trailer hints at a more sinister turn of events than one might have expected.

Frostpunk: On The Edge,  hopeful or hopeless?

The trailer for Frostpunk: On The Edge shows our assignment. The Great Storm of the main story exposed an army warehouse from times past, and it is up to us to set up an outpost there—without a generator. Fortunately, it’s not as cold out there, but 11bit studios informs us that there are no animals to hunt, and we’re going to have to depend on food and necessities sent from New London. And they won’t just give it to us for free.

The narrator of the Frostpunk trailer, however, is less optimistic. “A square deal. But deals have this peculiar quality. Just like the snow, they tend to change.” The question then arises: does this mean New London is going to demand more from us, or will the outpost begin making changes to the established agreement?

It looks like we’ll have our hands full with this new expansion, with another unique scenario that turns things on its head. So far, Frostpunk DLC has been different with every new scenario. They’re not just extra gameplay tagged onto the main game, but they force you to learn new things, use new mechanics, and overcome new struggles. It’s doubtful that we’ll see the end of the era of frost in this expansion, but that only opens the door to a sequel. With how well the first one was received, it’s unlikely that 11bit studios is not considering it.

Frostpunk: On The Edge will be available on Steam,, and Humble Store on August 20. Of course, you’ll need the base game in order to play the expansion.

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