Frozen Cortex thaws for 19 February release

Simultaneous turn-based (it makes sense, just go with it) robo-ball bothering strategy title Frozen Cortex will emerge from Early Access next week. A new trailer reveals both a meta-commentary on game trailers, and a release date of 19 February. Plus a cat.

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Mode 7 are actually so dedicated to making non-rubbish game trailers, that there are actually two to watch. Amazingly, they’re both worth seeing – the latter being a short ‘Designer’s Notes’ overview of the thoughts and design philosophies behind Frozen Cortex.

If you played Frozen Synapse AND YOU SHOULD IT’S GOOD, then the main simultaneous turn-based mechanic should be familiar. In brief; you and your opponent plan out your moves in turn-based fashion, then (after pressing the big GO button,) those moves play out at the same time. Usually with hilarious consequences, as you’ve completely failed to second-guess what the other player was planning to do.

In Synapse, these encounters revolved around men with guns doing what men with guns do. Frozen Cortex is more about the manipulation of space and getting the ball to the end-zone with your robot team. Nobody dies, but they can be blocked off or otherwise engaged.

There’s also a significant single-player portion, which I wrote about previously so you can go over here for more on that. Meanwhile, here are both trailers:

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