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Just Flight posted a new trailer for the FS Traffic utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator, only a couple of weeks after it entered its first stage of beta testing. The trailer shows off some of the rather impressive models and texturing on a variety of different aircraft types and carriers from all over the world.

The whole purpose of FS Traffic is to inject new life into the skies and airports of Microsoft Flight Simulator. While the sim boasts “real-time” (and this term is used loosely) integration with flight tracking services in order to provide a match for real-world air traffic, the current implementation is lukewarm at best.


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In its default state, Microsoft Flight Simulator has a lot of simplistic aircraft traffic models that, aside from being notably low-poly, feature very generic textures. More often than not they don’t accurately represent their real-life counterparts.

For instance, Southwest only operates Boeing 737s, but a quad-jet can sometimes be seen in its place. FS Traffic intends to add to the immersion by ensuring that the aircraft types and liveries match real planes and airlines.

Both in its last development update and in the description of this very teaser trailer, Just Flight admits that it still has much to do behind-the-scenes. But, seeing that the first stage of beta testing began July, there’s indication that the team has made significant progress so far.

Microsoft Flight Simulator FS Traffic preview trailer

Image Credit: Just Flight

The studio has reported that “79% of the liveries have been completed” as of late July, which comes to over 700 liveries total. As shown in the FS Traffic preview trailer, the models won’t just look the part, they’ll act it too. They’ll interact with ground equipment, just as the player can do with their own aircraft.

FS Traffic will also include a standalone menu and an in-sim menu, so users have more control over traffic. FS Traffic doesn’t have a release date, but by the looks of it, it could be ready later this year or early 2023.

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