Brighton, August 02nd, 2012 – Full Ace Tennis Simulator is a fully-blown Tennis sports game for PC, that features detailed player insights as well as action-loaded, super-realistic Tennis matches. Publisher Lace Mamba Global schedules to release Full Ace Tennis Simulator on September 07th, 2012, throughout the UK and Ireland.
Players can chose from a roster of almost 2,000 pre-defined Tennis players, that differ in more than 25 skills, such as Forehand precision or Backhand consistency, to find their personal favourite. An integrated editor allows players to create their own favourite Tennis superstar within the game. Players can even set up their very own tournaments.

Players will compete in various tournaments around the globe, either in single competitions, singleplayer careers or online versus other players.

Full Ace Tennis Simulator, developed within the French cooperative Galactic Gaming Guild, lets players experience the ultimate realism: Full-length matches, exhibitions, more than 500 tournaments, 5 sets games, tie break customization, coin toss, fore- and backhand play and a huge variety of control possibilities within the actual matches guarantee authentic Tennis excitement for every Tennis aficionado.
The retail edition of Full Ace Tennis simulator will be released at a recommended retail price of £14.99.

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