The Fullbright Company, a studio formed from a scattering of people who worked on BioShock 2’s ‘Minerva’s Den’ DLC (aka; the best bit of that game), has revealed its first project. Gone Home will be a first-person investigative title, in which you snoop around someone’s house and try to figure out why they have something called a Christmas Duck hidden away in a drawer.
If you don’t believe me, watch the pre-alpha footage the team has released (below) to give you an idea of how the title plays. The goal seems to be to allow players to open pretty much every drawer, door or cubby hole they choose and reward them for figuring out small details about the house they find themselves inside. It’s going to be built on the Unity Engine, and the “core gameplay and UI features” are already done.
Keyboard and mouse will be the default control setting (though gamepad will also be supported, and is being used in the video for recording purposes). Further specifics about the game will be disclosed in the months to come. Enjoy the eerie trailer, below.


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