Today’s Fun Stuff is actually kind of morose, considering we’re calling them fun stuff. Still, if you are a fan of Vincent Van Gogh, you will like this one.

Artist Girardin27 reinterprets The Legend of Zelda, particularly the world of Majora’s Mask, under Gogh’s post-Impressionist eye. Whereas Gogh’s strokes in Starry Night has received a diverse range of interpretations, the addition of the Moon and his menacing visage makes the swirls equally menacing, as if to evoke a simmering anger in the night sky.

For comparison’s sake, I’m placing the original painting and the fan art side by side for you to ponder here.



Hylian Night is available in Redbubble as a print, T-shirt, card, on tote bags and throw pillows.

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