Fun Stuff: Street Fighter Iii 3rd Strike Is 15, And The Internet Shows Its Love

It’s the 15th anniversary of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, and there is no lack of love for it on the web.

So, let’s get this out of the way:

More new cool stuff waits for you after the jump:

Manga artist Yoshihara Motoki shared a lot of 3rd Strike fanart on Twitter, including our cover photo. (more here):

Let’s take some time to listen to the game’s funky acid jazz soundtrack:

A lot of animators (including Skullgirls’ Mariel Cartwright) have taken inspiration from 3rd Strike’s impressive spritework, which is undoubtedly on par with the best Disney has done. Check out some gifs of that here (source):

Finally, here’s one of the more impressive 3rd Strike combo videos ever made. Makoto did it for Daddy, and the results are pure awesome!

Why don’t you share some awesome 3rd Strike fan stuff, or tell us what you like about the game? We’ll wait for you in the comments below.

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