Fun Stuff: We’re not sure what kind of game CivilizationCraft is anymore

On today’s Fun Stuff: Hey, you have your Civilization in my Minecraft!!! Hey, you have your Minecraft in my Civilization!!! It’s two great games that taste even better together.

The amazing thing about CivilizationCraft (CivCraft to his friends) is that it is an entirely fan created initiative. Unlike being a god figure from above building up a city from below, you are one of many individual denizens building the city, but guess what? There are other cities out there too, and they’re not all friendly.

The game is entirely open source, meaning the community is iterating on this on their own entirely free from Mojang (which would seem to be best given how the company is clamping down on implementing their rules) and you can join in entirely for free too.

If you’re ready for this ambitious undertaking, you can download CivilizationCraft here and join the official Reddit here. Oh yeah, and here’s an image gallery for your perusal below, if you just want to look at the pretty pictures.