Fun Stuff: Tetris Is 30

Tetris is 30, and we have so much stuff to share with you today.

Check out the official 30th anniversary video from Tetris Online, Inc:

Let’s throw it back a bit and look at some of the 1st Gameboy / Tetris commercials:

The Puyo Puyo Tetris team have made their own ode to the anniversary:

Dr Tom Stafford of the University of Sheffield teaches us a little bit about the psychology of the game:

We end this with one of the most amazing Tetris things in recent memory. If you’ve never played Tetris Battle! on Facebook, you have been missing out. Check out this game from two of the best Tetris players out there, SirJevius and Chun-Wen Chang:

And if you’re wondering, here’s the source for our wonderful cover image.

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