Fun Stuff: There’s already Luigi Death Stare fan art

Fun Stuff: There’s already Luigi Death Stare fan art

There’s no way around it. Mario Kart 8 is such a success that the memes have started popping out.

Front and center among them is Luigi’s death stare, originating from this epic video:

We are not exagerrating how big a deal this has become BTW. Luigi’s Death Stare already has a page on KnowYourMeme, which legitimately curates noteworthy memes and tracks down how virality holds up over time. Thus far, they’ve collected 66 YouTube videos.

With that in mind, fan Themrock has already created the 1st Luigi Death Stare fanart, and it’s a keeper.


You can read more about Mario Kart 8 from our sister site Nintendo Enthusiast here.

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