Fun Stuff: Watch Dogs Downgraded – For Commodore 64 On Datasette

Breaking news, guys. Watch Dogs is getting a downgrade again, below 1080p. Below 30FPS. It won’t even be hitting 480p 15FPS guys.

Not on Commodore 64 Datasette.

Of course, we joke. A fan has produced a fan parody demake of what Watch Dogs would look like if it was released for the NES era on home computers. I just want to point out here that Commodore 64 was a capable platform in its time, but the NES (and especially the Sega Master System) definitely beat it by a mile. With that in mind, you can check out the video below.

You still here? I bet you’re wondering what the Commodore 64 even is, which is a crime since it has the Guinness record forĀ highest-selling single computer model of all time. You can read more about the C64 here and its expansion, the Commodore Datasette here.

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