All right, for the 1st time, we are combining the Fun Stuff and the Crowdfund Corner bits because the two definitely applies for this. Introducing the all-too-awesome Catlateral Damage.

For now, check out the Kickstarter page here and the pitch video below. Crowdfund Corner and Fun Stuff segments follow:

  1. What is Catlateral Damage?

Catlateral Damage is a 1st person cat simulator where your objective is to scoot things down on the ground with your paws. The game uses a great cel-shaded look, and has very fun and playable, if unrealistic, physics.

  1. Who is making Catlateral Damage?

Catlateral Damage is the work of one Chris Chung, a former game tester who’s clearly also a talented dev in his own right.

  1. How much is the crowdfund, and where will the money go?

The crowdfund is for $ 40,000, and the money is going for development on Ouya and PC, across the OSes Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as for Steam, presumably SteamOS.

Chung has taken all the steps necessary to ensure this game gets made on his own already. Catlateral Damage is part of Ouya’s #FreeTheGames Fund program, and he has a partner developer with Fire Hose Games.

  1. Why should you support Catlateral Damage?

It’s a fun game, and considering it’s on Unity, it’s not wholly impossible for it to come to your favorite platform (assuming he jumps through the initial fund goal quickly).

Aside from that, this is actually a really low risk crowdfund, for the reasons  outlined above, as well as the fact that the game is pretty simple to make. For Chung, it’s just a matter off putting the time in to code and debug, and of course getting the funding to do that.

And now, the Fun Stuff part: play it for free here! It’s basically FPS controls, only left and right clicks have you scooting your paws out instead of shooting things. You can also download a fully playable build to your desktop OS of choice.

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