Funcom: Job Cuts Will Not Affect AoC

Funcom’s director of communications has assured IncGamers that it is unlikely the company’s MMO, Age of Conan, will be affected by the recently-announced job cuts.Earlier this week, it emerged that the Norway-based developer was slashing its workforce by 20%, resulting in the delay of its upcoming MMO, the Secret World, by  months. We contacted Funcom to ask if  the reports were correct, and that if Age of Conan and its expansion, Rise of the Godslayer, will be affected at all by the cuts. We also asked if the move to the new studio in Montreal will still be going ahead, and if Funcom still plans to hire 100-150 people in Canada over the next 18 months.“Yes, we are making these cuts.” said Funcom’s Erling Ellingsen, “This will have little to no impact on Age of Conan and its expansion, but will cause a delay for The Secret World by a few months.” He continued, “We can’t give any further details at the moment. We are making these cuts in order to adjust to the market situation.”He declined to comment of the situation with Montreal studio.

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