Funcom Reveals AoC Server Merges

Funcom has informed players of which servers will be affected in the upcoming merges which were announced recently for the MMO, Age of Conan.

The number of live servers is being almost halved across the board in Europe and NA. The two existing Spanish language servers will merged into English ones, and some players may have to get used to a different ruleset, such as from PvE to RP-PvE.

The total number of live AoC servers after the merges will be 14, down from 26. Here are the proposed changes; The servers shown in bold will retain their names and server rulesets after the merges. The servers to be merged together with the ones in bold are listed underneath the relevant server.

EU Servers


Crom (PvE)
Fury (PvP)
Hyrkania (PvE-RP)
* Blackscar
* Zingara (Spanish)
Aquilonia (PvP-RP)
* Skullcrusher
* Indomitus (Spanish)


Mitra (PvE)
Asgard (PvP-RP)
* Aries


Ishtar (PvE)
Stygia (PvP-RP
* Ferox


Rothat (PvE)
* ScarletCitadel
TwoEagles (PvP)
* MoonOfBlood

US Servers
Set (PvE)
* Ironspine
Wiccana (PvE)
* Gwahlur
Tyranny (PvP)
Cimmeria (PvP-RP)
* Bloodspire
* Agony

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