September 5th, 2017

Funky heist-’em-up Crookz trailer features Ron Jeremy

Funky heist-’em-up Crookz trailer features Ron Jeremy

Crookz - 04

The debut trailer for turn-based heist-’em-up Crookz has an unlikely guest in the form of hirsute porn star Ron Jeremy.

Crookz is a tactical strategy game set in the funkadelic 70s, in which you organise a gang of misfits and help them plan and execute heists. You’ll have to employ stealth, cunning, and equipment ranging from chloroform to camera jammers in order to get in, get the loot, and get out, and each team member has his or her own unique skills that will also aid you.

It’s got a full 20-mission campaign based around the betrayal of your gang after a successful heist, and then their pursuit of revenge five years on. You’ll be able to create and share challenges with other players, and… oh, you’re just interested in Ron Jeremy, aren’t you?

The trailer, however, is a live-action affair charting four wannabe burglars as they plan out and execute their robbery of… Ron Jeremy. Or possibly Ron Jeremy playing someone else; his identity isn’t really a focus of the piece.

Crookz is being developed by Skilltree Studios, and is due out in 2015. You can have a gander at some screenshots (and the trailer) below.

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