March 30th, 2017

Further footage from Mojang’s 0x10c, this time of multiplayer

Earlier in the month, Mojang debuted some pre-alpha style footage from the project they’ve dubbed 0x10c. It showed some rather System Shock-esque environments inside a spacecraft and a semi-functioning weapon of some kind. With the game so early in development, it’s tough to say exactly what features will emerge, but the general idea seems to be a first-person space piloting and exploration sim.

It was all sounding resolutely single player, but it seems there may be a multiplayer component too. Mojang has been testing some early multiplayer stuff on Twitch TV, which can still be viewed as an archived show by following this link or by tuning in, below.

Watch live video from realnotch on TwitchTV

If you missed the previous footage, it’s embedded again just underneath this sentence.

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