While Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to boast decent (albeit diminishing) subscriber numbers, there’s further proof today that the expensive EA-backed MMO is not living up to the grand ambitions of its investors. A former BioWare Austin employee has taken to twitter to ask around for new work, citing a “Second round of layoffs” at the company.

This could be part of the ‘restructuring’ that began back in May, as it’s unclear precisely how many employees were affected. However, the statement made by EA at the time (“BioWare has restructured its studio in Austin today. Of the employees impacted, some will be able to join other projects within EA, others will leave the company.”) seemed to indicate that it was a one-off event. That may simply have been PR spin on a decision that’s always unpopular.

Meanwhile, Gamasutra has received information that Old Republic executive producer Rich Vogel has left the team. His departure appears to have been voluntary and taken place before today’s reported round of layoffs. Vogel had been with BioWare Austin for seven years.

No details have been released by EA regarding the additional layoffs, nor has a replacement for Vogel yet been confirmed.

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