The latest (of many) disputes around G2A’s hosting of grey market game key selling may be moving towards some kind of policy change. That’s by no means certain, but G2A have announced that they ‘accept’ tinyBuild’s challenge (scroll down to Update 4) to “provide a solution for developers and publishers to benefit from the marketplace”.

What they haven’t announced yet is how exactly they plan to do that. This information will be appearing later in the day, at 8pm Pacific Time (so, about 4am if you’re in the UK). G2A have characterised this as an “important statement”.

Whether this will lead to a serious effort to reform their marketplace, or is just the prelude to another email blaming tinyBuild for everything or similar such publicity stunt remains to be seen.

This all kicked off when tinyBuild accused the company of facilitating a fraud-based economy, and escalated when G2A responded with a “three day ultimatum”. TinyBuild came back with an “ultimatum” of their own, which is what G2A will be responding to later today in some fashion.

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