Gabe Newell has been busy talking at LinuxCon discussing Valve and Linux’ role in the future of gaming.

As part of his presentation he talked about how Valve are integrating with the living room through Big Picture but their next step is on the hardware side.

“The next step is for us to release some information on the work we have done on the hardware side. Even more broadly in terms of the grand unification, we really don’t think that the fragmentation around the physical location or the input devices of computation is either necessary or desirable for software developers or for consumers.

Next week we’re going to be rolling out more information about how we get there and what are the hardware opportunities that we see for bringing Linux into the living room and potentially pointing further down the road to how we can get it even more unified with mobile.”

It sounds like Valve are now on the verge of releasing more information on the elusive Steam Box or something similar. Stay tuned.

Thanks Destructoid.

Paul Younger
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