Gadget Of The Decade: WoW, GTA and Singstar

GTA III and a couple of other hot games made an appearance on one of the top TV shows here in the UK last night, The Gadget Show.The highly respected programme often compares and reviews the latest must-have items, from TVs to mountain bikes, to mobile phones, to cameras. If it’s technology-related and it’s fun, they’ve mentioned it.It seems only fitting, then, that they are taking votes on the top gadget of the decade, and a few computer games have made it to the shortlist of 50 items. World of Warcraft is in there, along with Grand Theft Auto III, and Singstar. But also on the list are things like YouTube, the Nintendo Wii, USB flash drives, Google Earth, Facebook and Wikipedia! Even the wonderful Spotify is there on the list. Some fairly stiff competition there I’d say.You can check out the list and vote for your pick of the decade’s best gadget at The Gadget Show’s website.