Stardock’s Galactic Civilizations 3 will be expanding in Spring (or thereabouts) with the newly announced Crusade DLC. According to the developers, the main additions in Crusade are heavily focused towards highly-requested features.

To that end, Crusade will add a Civilization Builder, allowing the creation (and sharing) of custom civs with their own “ships, techs, custom diplomacy behaviours” and so on. There will also be an economy based on citizenship, with which players can micro of macro their economies “based on their preferences in a way that [doesn’t] penalize either play style that eliminates sliders and dials.”

Espionage will be introduced too, enabling spying and sabotage in Galactic Civilizations 3. Invasions in Crusades will be interactive, making them a mini-game of their own. You can expect user interface improvements across the board as well, helping with the management of larger empires.

Across the next few weeks you can expect developer diaries, going more in-depth with each of those features. On 9 February, for example, there’ll be more on the Civilization Builder.

Galactic Civilization 3: Crusades will cost $20 USD from the usual suspects (Steam, GOG, Stardock themselves, etc) and is aiming for a Spring release. There will be no open beta, and Crusades is an add-on rather than any sort of stand-alone.

Here’s a trailer.

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