Galactic Command Online has been officially announced by 3000AD.The space-based MMO was teased a few weeks back and the official site has finally gone live, complete with screenshots and details on what players can expect from the game.You can see a smattering of screenshots below, and we’ll leave it to you to check out the site for most of the gargantuan detail list, but here’s a primer.Galactic Command Online is focused on action combat without the dice rolling present in most MMOs, with seamless travel between space and planets, and a quick career path for each of the eight careers (which range from Traders, who start with shuttles, to Marines who have no ship of their own to begin with.)Three other points of interest: there are no quests, each server instance supports 256 players, and it’s free-to-play with a micro-transaction model, or available for monthly subscription.There’s a whole lot more and the mix of space-based warfare and planetside combat has piqued our interest, particularly after All Aspect Warfare. Check out the screenshots below and head over to the official site to read the full FAQ.

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