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Pre-emptive, “Dark Souls II was robbed!”

The VGA, VGX, VGwhatever may be dead, but Geoff Keighley has dipped into his own pockets to keep the tradition of a December-based game awards show alive. On 5 December, the Game Awards 2014 will hand out fabulous trophies (I … guess, I don’t actually know) to the winners of 16 Jury-voted categories.

But who are these Jury members and can we trust them to figure out good games from bad? Sure, as much as you can trust anybody to do that. Here’s the full list of who’ll be choosing the winners in the 16 main categories, plus a list of ‘Advisors’ which includes Hideo Kojima, Valve and Rockstar. And a collection of CEOs and COOs (boo, hiss, etc.)

The nominees for each category can be found here. Games had to be released on or before 25 November to be eligible. I’ll list a couple of the biggies, but their drop-down menu system is quite annoying so I’m not going to write out every single award. You’re all quite capable of looking for yourselves.

Game of the Year:

Bayonetta 2
Dark Souls II
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Shadow of Mordor

Developer of the Year:

Ubisoft Montreal

Best Independent Game:

Broken Age: Act 1
Monument Valley
Shovel Knight
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Nice to see the PC getting fairly well represented, even if I’m not too sure about some of these choices.

There are some “Fan’s choice” awards you can vote for too, if you wish; these include “ESports Team of the Year” and the hilarious “Trending Gamer” award.

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