Intrigue is afoot in Riverspring, as the former head of House Sarwyck lies dead and his realm is unravelling before the corpse has even cooled. Such is life in Cyanide’s RPG take on the Game of Thrones license (due later in 2012 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3).
But wait a second, where the heck is Riverspring? And who are House Sarwyck? Yes, it seems Cyanide has permission to make up new locations and families (or perhaps were encouraged to, so as not to criss-cross the plot of the main novels). That seems a little odd, given how many characters and towns already exist in the universe, but if it was necessary then so be it.
Hopefully some familiar faces and places will still be appearing in the game.
More encouraging is the trailer’s emphasis on mystery, and the overtones of a conspiracy. That’s exactly the sort of thing a Game of Thrones RPG should be trying to cultivate.

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