You might remember that Cyanide already released a Game of Thrones title; it was called Genesis, it was a PC-only strategy game and it wasn’t too hot. Now, a different portion of the company is having a go at an RPG based on the same material, which will be published by Atlus in “early 2012”.
This effort is being billed as a “30-plus hour action RPG”, in which players will take on the role of a former soldier in King Robert’s rebellion (suggesting the game is set in a period concurrent with the novels and HBO series). “Key decisions and major events will have meaningful impact on Westeros”, apparently, and there’s talk of an “active slowdown tactical combat engine”fighting slows but never stops entirely, forcing the player to make quick, pressured choices before their enemy strikes again”. Hmm.
Game of Thrones will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. There’s a website for the game too, but it’s rather devoid of material at the moment.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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