game of thrones

Could do with a few more candles in here, Cersei.

It looks like Telltale’s collaboration with HBO on this Game of Thrones title is paying off with access to the show’s voice talent. This first trailer for the game has none other than Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister) doing the voiceover.

By the sounds of things, she’s trying to put the squeeze on House Forrester (the family from which the game’s playable characters come) with some classic mafia tactics. That’s a nice bit of territory you have there, would be a shame if … anything were to happen to it.

The six part episodic series will be set in the period between the end of HBO’s third season and the start of the fifth. That means the game will be pretty spoiler-centric if you haven’t watched up that part yet.

So, for now, let’s just say that for reasons the alignment of House Forrester with House Stark is problematic when it comes to dealing with the Lannisters. Hence why Cersei can threaten you.

It’s only a 50 second trailer (and a bunch of that is the logo,) but there are brief glimpses of The Wall, Tyrion, Bolton’s charming bastard son and various other bits of Game of Thrones related lore. The first episode (Iron From Ice) is due “soon.”

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