Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Showcase Release Window 2022

Like the storied halls of Harry Potter’s famous school, the fate of Hogwarts Legacy‘s launch was shrouded in mystery. However, today, the veil was pulled aside at last. The game got more than 10 minutes of fresh gameplay footage during Sony’s State of Play. At the show’s end, it was confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will release holiday 2022.

Naturally, Potterheads were lining up by the thousands to at last find out when they can get sorted into their houses. But before that, they were treated to 14 minutes of gameplay footage, revealing plenty of new details for Hogwarts Legacy long before release. The open-world RPG takes place long before the events of the film. Many of the adventures it contains will be brand new experiences, starring witches and wizards created exclusively for the game.


The premise is certainly intriguing. You start off as a fifth-year student who hasn’t yet been sorted into one of Hogwarts’ four houses. You create your witch or wizard before awkwardly getting the Sorting Hat placed on your teen’s head. Character customization seems fairly deep, and it could be far more complex that what was shown today. Afterwards, you’re able to explore the ground of the school, as well as beyond its stone walls. Hogsmeade is open for visitors in Hogwarts Legacy, but the same can be said for areas far beyond as well as hidden dungeons and the like.

It’s leg-UH-see, not leg-AH-see

The footage reveals a lot, including the plot and a lengthy look at the game’s combat. This isn’t Dark Souls, though, so don’t expect to dodge-roll trolls with a club the size of a massive carnival corn dog. Obviously, the game focuses on fights using spells fired from wands, but it’s more complex than flicking foe’s wands from their hands. Various immobilization spells exist, as do potions you can brew yourself which offer various buffs. There are also passive spells, such as one that can make you transparent for stealthy action.

It’s a lot of gameplay, but I’m sure fans are still hungry for more. The wait until the release is long, though, as Hogwarts Legacy won’t see the light of day for at least seven more months. I’m sure more gameplay and details will be revealed over time, however. We’ll send an owl your way as soon as we know more.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Showcase Release Window 2022 2

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