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What is Master X Master?

This MOBA from NCSoft. Master X Master, or MXM if you prefer, went live on 21 June 2017.

MXM differs in a number of ways from other MOBA’s but most importantly it allows players to take two heroes into battle and switch them during a match giving two options to play with. All the heroes are from the NCSoft game universe so there’s wide array of character to choose from. As well as PvP MOBA action there are also PvE games.

The gameplay options in MXM are all designed around players being able to use the tag mechanic to be able to swap characters instantaneously, be it in the traditional tri-lane 5 vs. 5 style of MOBA, the 3 vs. 3 team deathmatch mode, or even in the PVE stages where players are solo or in co-op groups taking on hordes of enemies. Some skills persist even after swapping, so finding synergies with Masters can lead to some devastating combinations in the right hands. Also coming to MXM are mini-games, which have a lighthearted twist on the co-op/competitive gameplay, where players test their skills to get through obstacles.

Release Date

21 June 2017
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