‘Gamers Prefer Infinity Ward Over Treyarch,’ Claims EA

The CEO of Electronic Arts has expressed doubt that gamers hold Black Ops developer Treyarch in as high regard as Infinity Ward.
During an online interview, John Riccitiello said: “[Treyarch] didn’t make a 90-rated game; I think it’s 86 now. I don’t think review scores are the be-all, end-all, but we all know a mid-90 when we see it, but this was mid-80s. I don’t think you could anoint them by an executive saying, ‘it’s so.’
“The question, I think, really is, ‘what developer is going to put forward the next great FPS that sort of follows [what Infinity Ward did]?’
“It’s wishful thinking, and let’s hope for Activision’s sake they’re right. I think it’s far from proven that the gaming consumer views a product from Treyarch in the same category as a product from what was Infinity Ward.”

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