Gamers think the Sims 4 is “OK” – The results are in


The Sims 4 has been out for over a week and we asked for your opinions on the game. The results have now been verified by an independent panel of hamsters.

The IncGamers Sims 4 review has just gone up, so we thought it was a good time to wrap up our poll where we asked your opinions on the game. The results have been interesting because the poll has been shifting continuously over the past seven days.

With EA not providing any review codes until the day of launch it was unsurprising to see gamers voting for the “waiting for review” option. However, the “it’s OK but lacks features bar” option has been creeping up all week and ended up almost equalling the top result.

20% of players polled stopped playing the game and 10% thought it was the best Sims game ever.

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Looking at the results, (more than 2000 of you voted) the game appears to have come out “OK” but nothing more than that. As mentioned, Tim has just wrapped up the IncGamers review so have a good old read of that for our final verdict.

Our next poll is up and running on the subject of GTA V’s PC delay, so have a think about that and cast your vote.

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