Reports today suggest that UK videogame retailer GAME could find themselves out of administration as early as tomorrow. 
    OpCapita, parent company of Comet, has made a bid for the company’s remaining 333 stores. Prior to GAME going into administration, OpCapita had reportedly made a bid for the retailer which was blocked by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). RBS were GAME’s primary creditor.
    Speaking of RBS…
    The bank are the other party thought to be on the verge of bidding for the retailer, with reports claiming that the business is hoping to buy GAME’s UK business and run it with its own managers until it can be sold off for a profit.
    There is an added x-factor here… GameStop, the US videogame retailer, is interested in buying GAME’s stores in Spain, Portugal and Czech Republic.
    Source: The Independent 

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