Games Go For “$18.03” on, Internet Melts Down

Among the “big box” retailers of the US, Walmart is highly known for its deals when it comes to gaming. These deals particularly occur in the mayhem and frenzy known as “Black Friday.”

Many who work in retail mark this as the official opening day to the holiday shopping season. While deals are surely to be found the day following Thanksgiving, many are finding a nice surprise currently on Walmart’s website. That surprise comes in the form of the magic price-point “$18.03” listed for many popular titles in gaming.

It is unclear at this point if the deals are some unforeseen mistake, or are the actual discounts considering the impending and unavoidable release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Even so, if you are looking for games like Diablo III, Grand Theft Auto V or even Madden 25–then you best get over to place your order.

Or, maybe that’s what they wanted us to do in the first place?

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