Gaming Live to take on Twitch with new service for streamers


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With Twitch reportedly having been sold to Youtube (Google) for $1bn, Gaming Live is about to launch as an alternative.

We’re not big fans of Google or Youtube here at IncGamers so when a new service launches to challenge their domination it’s always exciting. I think Google own enough of the Internet don’t you?

Gaming Live is a new streaming service for gamers and it launches tomorrow promising a quality service, higher advertising rates than their competitors, and comes with a focus on “interaction possibilities” through “social feeds, community pages and interactivity not yet seen on any other video platform”.

Maciej Krupowies, Chief Executive Officer of the company said:

Gaming Live is an arena, where we capture the pure passion of people playing games. Place, where everyone can become a gladiator of 21st century and entertain crowds of spectators. Gaming Live has been created using the highest quality standards on the emerging technologies to maintain the highest standard of streaming available, with no lags and delay for the users.  For all of us at Gaming Live, user experience is the most important factor. This is why we have created a simple and interactive web application, which will energize gaming communities around the world. We are very proud of solutions and interactivity we are (slowly but surely) bringing to the table, as we never wanted to be just another boring video platform.”

Gaming Live will also be paying close attention to eSports broadcasts as well as amateurs looking to move away from services such as Twitch. Initially the service will  be accessible through your desktop PC but will be coming to mobile devices, game consoles, Smart TV’s and more in the future.

The company is also currently raising a second seed round of funding to boost its growth and launch an in-house sales team to provide its partners with an “even better level of services”.

Gaming Live sounds promising and if you’re a streamer you may want to drop over to the site now before it launches. We’ll be a posting more on this in a quick interview which we should have online soon.

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