Richard Garriot, or Lord British if you prefer, has won a whopping $28 million in his lawsuit against NCsoft. Garriot left NCSoft in 2008 and Garriot was claiming losses against NCSoft for the way in which they handled his ‘departure’. 
Garriot had always maintained he was fired while NCSoft claimed he had left voluntarily. Garriot’s departure occurred shortly after his much publicised trip into space. According to Garriot, NCSoft had contacted him while he was in quarantine in Russia to tell him his days were numbered at NCSoft.
Garriot claimed that his ‘departure’ has cost him million because he was forced to sell 400,000 shares in Croft while the stockmarket was depressed.
Garriot was claiming $47million in the case against NCSoft and it took a jury three days to award Garriot $28 million. Garriot commented:
“I am extremely pleased with the jury’s decision, The facts were clear that my departure from NCsoft was not voluntary. I am very pleased with the final award.”
Garriot’s last project was the unsuccessful Tabula Rasa for NCSoft. The game was pulled offline last year.
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