Garry Gaber, who has previously worked at Lucas Arts on Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, Jedi Knight Dark Forces II and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns, is ready to Kickstart his latest project from Escape Hatch Entertainment called Starlight Inception.
The space combat title is planned for the PC and PS Vita offering a free-roaming experience in a universe where World War IV has broken out. As a young space pilot, your primary goal is to protect what remains of humanity. Gamers are being promised “high qoality voice acting, great sound and an involving storyline” according Vice President of Escape Hatch, Melissa Gaber.
“I’m really passionate about the space combat genre and am veryexcited to be putting together a game that is the natural descendantof beloved titles like Wing Commander and X-wing vs. TIE Fighter, butwith a modern spin,” said Garry Gaber, the President and ChiefCreative Officer of Escape Hatch Entertainment. “We have a robust storyline, and different single player and multiplayer modes to keep players excited and enthralled.”
“Kickstarter allows us to go directly to the fans of this kind of game, deliver our message and get them involved in a way that was previously impossible through traditional publishing channels.”
More details on the project can be found over on and watch out for the  Starlight Inception Kickstarter project going live this week.
Update: The Kickstarter Project is now live.

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