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Gazillion’s David Brevik Talks Marvel Heroes and Diablo 3 [Video Special]

After our rather nifty demo of Marvel Heroes and some hands-on time, we caught up with Gazillion CEO David Brevik to find out more about the MMO ARPG Marvel Heroes and his vision for the new title.

David is also a bit of a legend in ARPG circles, he was the creator of Diablo, so naturally we asked him to give us some honest opinions on Diablo 3. He has rather mixed emotions about the latest incarnation of Diablo.

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  • asd

    “fuck that loser”

  • Michael

    I cannot emphasize enough how much better this would have been as a text article. I don’t know why everyone seems to believe that things have to be videos, but it takes a zillion years to watch this video compared to the two minutes or so that it would have taken me to read this.

    There is no footage, no images, and no need for video at all. Type this stuff up.

    • psyounger

      We ran out of time getting Gamescom stuff up to transcribe and usually we would have done.
      It is actually typed up on our Diablo website after this was posted.

      See link: