Gearbox and Counterplay Games reveal ‘looter-slasher’ title, Godfall

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The looter-shooter genre of games is getting yet another variation — or sub-genre. Gearbox Publishing and developer Counterplay Games tonight revealed their own rendition of looting and shooting. Godfall will come to us in the form of a looter-slasher (looting plus melee attacks), and will make you wait one entire year for its planned Holiday 2020 release.

Godfall’s fire

There’s only so much that you can absorb from the Godfall trailer. Most visible, though, is that everything seems to be on fire. One gruff character shown on screen bears armor that resembles a lion, complete with glowing eyes and flame wisps that dance across his shoulders. This is, of course, not to draw attention away from the other character’s blazing sword that ignites as they make their way towards a giant pillar complete with the Leviathan peeking its unmistakable three heads down from the storming clouds. Resize

Atmosphere, elements, and environment

Teasers provide just enough of a glimpse to get excited about things to come. However, we were at least thrown a bone or two when it comes to expectations from what lies ahead in Godfall. For starters, we know the experience will be a third-person, action-RPG fantasy looter-slasher title (wow, that’s a mouthful). Gearbox promises a “bright fantasy universe” filled with knights and “arcane magic.”

Godfall Reveal Trailer 1 0 Screenshot

To play to the RPG elements, loot and armor sets will also be a part of the mix. And, for those wondering about the trio on screen, the game can be played solo, or with up to two friends. If the tease of what entering a boss battle might be like, you’ll probably be glad you brought a buddy.

Godfall is currently slated for release around Holiday 2020. As of right now, it is a planned PC release — as well as the first known game announced for Sony’s PlayStation 5 (fun fact!). The footage shown in the reveal trailer is from in-engine footage. So, take what you will from that. But, if you were to judge things as they stand right now, the game looks as though it will have plenty of time to polish and work out the kinks come launch. The end of the trailer also shows the Epic Games Store logo alongside the PlayStation icon. It isn’t clear at this point if it will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

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