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There are only a few days standing between more Borderlands 3 news and you. A gameplay reveal is prepped and primed for 1 May. However, things just got a little more interesting as the streaming platform known as Twitch is now partnering with Gearbox, developer of the Borderlands franchise.

The efforts behind the partnership shed some light on a new way to not only interact with your favorite streamer but also a way for you to gain in-game items for yourself.

Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Extension

You might be wondering exactly how the two companies are going to approach this new partnership. For Borderlands 3, Twitch has announced an official extension to work with both the game and streaming platform. The ECHOcast Extension is the “official Twitch extension for Borderlands 3” and allows for a more in-depth look at a streamer’s character.

Viewers can examine elements of the streamer’s character, like loadouts, and even sift through what they’ve got in their backpacks at the time. Curious about what perks and choices were made to build out their skill tree? That is also fair game.

Gimme Da Loot!

Sure, poking around someone’s character is great and all, but you might be wondering, “What’s in it for me?” Glad you’ve asked!

If you opt-in for certain in-game events, you could be rewarded with goodies. For example, if you click to join one of the “Rare Chest Events” you have a chance to obtain one of the items the streamer discovered in that box of loot. Items can range from guns to grenade mods. It should be noted, though, that this will go to a single viewer with them receiving a SHiFT code that can be traded in for the item.

Borderlands 3 Echocast Extension

To ease some worries, the item in question will be appropriate to whatever level your character is at the time. It’s unclear how this will be affected by those who have multiple characters in the loadout screen.

The ECHOcast Extension will become live on 1 May 2019 which piggybacks on the official gameplay reveal for Borderlands 3. As noted in the information released for the game, items can start to be accumulated prior to the game’s 3 September release date. For more information, Claptrap has a nice tutorial on how to link your account info here.

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