Gearbox has revealed plans for a Homeworld Remastered Collector’s Edition. Along with the reveal, however, they want you to help them decide on one of the items for the CE.

    Homeworld  ship_replica_12in

    Homeworld ship_replica_6in

    To be specific, they need help picking what size they will have for their replica Homeworld spaceship: 6″ or 12″. Both look fine, but when we get to the brass tacks of collecting, you will have to bring in practical considerations into play, like the bigger ship being a little more unwieldy, or an underwhelmingly smaller model. The bigger version will also have LEDs, but bump the price up by that much.

    Homeworld Collectors Edition

    Nothing about the Collector’s Edition has been finalized, but current plans are to include a art book, game manual, key chain, and game codes. Go on over to their site to vote.

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