Gears 6 looks to be fully in development with studio hiring more members

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Judging by a new job listing, it appears that Gears of War 6 has already entered development. Spotted by VGC, the listing goes under the name “Senior Gameplay Designer – Gears of War – The Coalition,” and it went live on Tuesday. For those unaware, The Coalition has served as the main developer for the Gears of War franchise ever since Xbox Game Studios acquired the IP. Considering the last mainline Gears of War entry came out in 2019, fans no doubt feel more than ready for a brand new installment.

According to the listing, The Coalition primarily aims “to forge the future of the IP and push the limits of Microsoft’s entertainment platforms and devices.” The studio hopes to satisfy fans as well as to push the boundaries of what players can expect in its work. As for what the studio expects in a Senior Gameplay Designer candidate, it wishes to recruit someone with experience in one of two general areas. One of these areas involves what the listing refers to as the 3Cs: character, camera, and controls. If not those, then the studio would like for its candidates to have experience with AI systems.

Any other noteworthy information?

Additionally, the listing wants someone with “experience owning large scale features and guiding them from initial concept through to polish and completion.” This serves as a major indicator that the Coalition has begun work on a new Gears of War title rather than a remaster or collection. Although there remains a possibility that the studio has some sort of remake in the works instead.

A month before this job posting went up, Giant Bomb journalist Jeff Grubb suggested that the Coalition shifted its development priorities to focus entirely on Gears of War 6. The posting appears to lend credence to this claim, although we don’t know for sure whether the studio has other projects in development.

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