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Yes, I can see why you’d want to play this in extremely high resolutions.

If you’ve read Tim’s review of Dreamfall Chapters: Book One you’ll know the game looks rather magnificent in parts, and you may wish to downsample to play it in even higher resolutions. GeDoSaTo creator Peter ‘Durante’ Thoman certainly had that thought, which is why the tool now supports recent Unity titles.

In a new blog post, Thoman outlines why GeDoSaTo hadn’t worked with Unity games in the past and provides a link to the new release client which will support Unity downsampling. It’s somewhat technical, but if you’re using third-party tools to downsample PC games then the chances are you’re not concerned by a bit of tech stuff.

Basically, the new version can downsample Unity games “provided you add this magic formula to their configuration file.”

1 clearRenderResolutions
2 renderResolution 3840×[email protected]
3 forceAlwaysDownsamplingRes true
4 modifyGetCursorPos true

I’m no expert on doing that, but if you’ve used GeDoSaTo before I’m sure that makes perfect sense. This should also modify the mouse cursor position correctly, so clicks are registering where they should.

Both Dreamfall Chapters: Book One and Wasteland 2 have been tested, but other Unity titles should work within this system as well. Thoman adds that even Nvidia’s Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) can’t yet downsample these Unity games.

Dreamfall Chapters: Book One Review

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