Genshin Impact Abyss Herald We Will Be Reunited Archon Quest Guide Dainsleif

What does this mean for the storyline?

While you’re doing the “We Will Be Reunited” archon quest in Genshin Impact, you’ll receive a few hints here and there. The Abyss Mages are definitely plotting to corrupt the gods in Teyvat, or use ancient contraptions to create devastating weaponry. Likewise, there’s a dark, sinister force that’s helping them. You’re also told of a land known as Khaenri’ah. This powerful nation was utterly destroyed 500 years ago by the gods themselves. Lastly, Dainsleif seems to know a lot about these things already.


Well, after beating the Abyss Herald for the third time, the cutscene will explain further. For one thing, the Traveler’s sibling (i.e., Aether if you’re playing as Lumine, and vice versa) will finally make an appearance. The sibling (in my case it was Aether) saves the Abyss Herald just as Dainsleif’s about to drag your foe from the portal.

Aether adds a few more tidbits:

  • Dainsleif was a member of the royal guard of Khaenri’ah. He was cursed with immortality for failing to save the kingdom from destruction.
  • The people of Khaenri’ah, technically, didn’t disappear. They’re actually the Abyss Mages that you’ve been fighting the entire time.
  • The Abyss Mages (or followers of the Abyss) are keen on destroying the kingdoms of Teyvat, probably in their attempts to seek vengeance.
  • Of course, the Traveler’s sibling is in cahoots with them. If you’re playing as Lumine and the sibling is Aether, he’s referred to as the “Prince.”

Genshin Impact Abyss Herald We Will Be Reunited Archon Quest Guide Dainsleif 3a

Although Lumine begs Aether to come home with her, it seems her brother is too far gone. He and the Abyss Herald leave using the portal, but Dainsleif is able to follow them. Paimon attempts to cheer up the main character, while casually mentioning that we’ll learn more once we reach Inazuma.

So, how’s that for moving the plot of Genshin Impact forward? Did you enjoy the tidbits of worldbuilding and lore from this archon quest?

Genshin Impact Abyss Herald We Will Be Reunited Archon Quest Guide Dainsleif 3b

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